Transportation – Call to Action!

school-busWe need your help by Friday, June 10th…

School transportation professionals, have been working hard with state legislatures to pass a Bill that will make it illegal for someone to pass a stopped school bus. Attached is a generic letter (page one) that any interested person can use to copy and paste into an email (please remember to add your name to the bottom) or fax it to their state senator or assembly person.

Page two has links to emails for key state legislatures that week need to contact.

Generic Letter to State Legislatures

CSEA Picnic 2016!

On June 4, 2016 the Shen Unit 8458 General Membership Meeting/Picnic was held at the American Legion on Grooms Road in Clifton Park, NY.

At the event Joe McCormick announced Thomas Hurley as the winner of the Kenneth J. Plummer CSEA Scholarship. His mother, Tina Hurley, is a Special Education Aide at Karigon Elementary.

Among other things, members got a chance to participating in the “Hula Hoop” game to win EXTRA member tickets for our many drawings. A great time was had by all!!

Scholarship Winner 2016 Hula Hoop Fun Hula Hoop Hula Hbupe 1