Please send an email to those NYS Assembly members noted below. You may use the same text below – copy and paste it if need be,  just make sure you add your name and contact information.. We need as many people to email these committee members to help us get the State Assembly to put the Stop Arm Camera back in their one-house budget.

Dear Assembly Members,


The Governor’s budget proposal included authorization for school districts to install stop arm cameras on school buses to help them reduce the incidence of motorists illegally passing stopped school buses.

We were disappointed to learn that the Assembly has decided to omit that important child safety proposal from its one-house budget bill. The Senate has included it in their budget.

We ask that you share your support for including stop arm cameras when the final state budget is negotiated. We really need this technology to help us protect our children from passing motorists and to increase the extent to which we can identify and ticket those motorists. This is an optional/non-mandated program for schools that can be done at no cost to district taxpayers.

Please express your support for these stop arm cameras and for the children.

Thank you,


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