Contract Negotiations – April 2017

April 5,  2017

Contract Negotiations Update:

Hello CSEA Unit 8458 members. The negotiating team for your contract would like to update you on the progress of your contract negotiations. There are several points that are a priority for our members and we realize this.

  • Health Insurance and Cost of Health Insurance for our members is a priority. The district wants to increase the percentage of our contributions towards the cost of insurance and the Negotiating team is opposed to this. The goal is for current members not to pay more than they are presently.
  • Pay Raises that are fair to all our unit members across the board are proposed by CSEA. The district has not been willing to discuss certain financial parts of the contract so far.
  • Paid training for all members for all training required or mandated by the district and removing the clauses in the contract that require our members to give back to the district the amount of hours that you work per day for free.
  • Paid meetings and training for the Nursing Staff.
  • The District proposed making several changes to the Transportation section of the contract. A subcommittee was formed to go over these proposals to help move the negotiation process along.

The language in the contract has been cleaned up and corrected. The District has not offered CSEA anything of substance to date or even indicated that they are willing to give us anything. The District has asked for a lot from CSEA.

We will continue to meet with the negotiating team from the district our next meeting is April 6th 2017.